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Let's be real.. we are all chasing the next great thing, well maybe most of us. For me I've been doing the same ol song and dance for 10+ years and let me tell you, it works. So let me show you!

Do you hate photoshop as much as I hate Lightroom? Well it's your lucky day because I am going to make you love PS like a love song baby! Let me make you your own personalized editing how to video.

What's included:

  • custom editing video you get to keep forever where I edit 5 of your RAW file images from start to finish, we will go over all things Photoshop along the way(basic knowledge is recommended)!

  • My personal custom made Photoshop actions

  • Access to our private EDU Facebook group, where you and fellow badass babes will be able to chat, learn more and have open communication with me and others as we learn and grow.


Don't worry I'm coming to you! We are going to have a full day of fun! Must have your own studio space. We will go over how to best use your space and light, furniture placement, shoot model sessions side by side, posing, coaching, styling all that jazz! General knowledge on equipment is required and shooting in manual mode. We will go over settings as we shoot but this isn't meant to be a beginners course. This is for maximizing your space and upping your boudoir game! 


*travel fees are not included



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