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Hi, I am Meranda! I'm the photographer, dreamer, & designer behind Dollhouse Boudoir! As a wife and mother to 4 I’ve struggled with getting my sexy back, and remembering just to love myself, and every single “flaw”. The fact that I get to empower women who may have the  same struggles as me, pretty much makes my job the best ever! 


 I pride myself on making your day perfect. It is my personal mission from beginning to end to make sure you are comfortable and feel and look your  

absolute best!  I will be your biggest 

cheerleader, and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and keep you laughing! 


I am inspired by the moments that shape the women we are.  My goal is to give you, not just an amazing day and gorgeous images to treasure for years to come, but also to help you find confidence within yourself that you never knew you had!


I guarantee you will walk away with a smile, a belly ache from all the giggles and feeling  better about 

yourself than you ever have before!! I cannot wait to work with you and create the best experience ever!




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