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Doll M | Bakersfield Boudoir Photography

Name: Monica

Age: 22

What made you decide to book a boudoir session?

Ultimately I decided to do the session because I wanted to give my boyfriend not just your average birthday gift. Something that he would never expect from me. Boudoir was something that I thought was absolutely beautiful but never in a million years would I think that I would have the guts to do myself. After one long night of creeping on Dollhouse Boudoir's website and a bottle wine, I had enough courage to actually email Meranda and book a session.

Did you have any fears about booking your boudoir session?

I definitely had plenty of fears when I booked my session. One of the main ones I could remember was thinking,"I should really lose some pounds before I do this." HA! Being in front of a camera, practically naked, was obviously not the norm for me, I was worried about the way my body looked and I honestly did not know how it would go. Also just taking professional pictures in general was crazy to think about. Looking at the other girls' pictures, you can see them nailing their serious faces and wondering if you'll be able to do that.

How was the actual session different from what you expected?

The actual session was NOTHING like I expected. It was so much more! I never expected to feel as comfortable in my own skin as I did there. After changing into my first outfit I was still pretty nervous, I still couldn't believe I was actually doing this. But in no time, Meranda had me feeling like the most confident person in the entire world and all my fears and worries went away. Seriously, I didn't even think about sucking in my stomach or anything like that at all. She made me feel like I got this even though I had no idea what I was doing. And I now do believe when they say confidence = sexiness. But overall, the experience was something I will never forget. Its kind of hard to fully describe the experience because it was all a feeling in my case, but if i would describe it in any way, I would say a little spark in me, that I never knew had, blew up to whole new level. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

What was your favorite part about the entire experience?

My favorite part of the entire experience was definitely meeting Meranda. She is one of a kind. Obviously without her, none of this would have happened but she is truly an amazing woman. Her work is exquisite and the support she gives you is so inspiring.

How did you feel when you saw your photos?

I honestly could not believe that it was actually me. haha

Any words of advice for women who are thinking about booking a boudoir session?

If you have any doubt in your mind about doing this, forget it! YOU NEED TO DO THIS. Not only did this give me a boost of esteem but I got to see myself in a totally different way and it was awesome! I think everyone should see themselves like that. Also TRUST in Meranda, she knows what looks good even if you don't think it will. And don't be afraid to speak up if you don't understand a pose or something, she will help you.

Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of the session?

, I learned to love every bit of my body no matter what I actually thought of it. These pictures made me see myself in a way I never had and it made me feel so beautiful. Definitely

Would you do it again?

HELL YA! already getting ideas for the next shoot!

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