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Doll M | Bakersfield Boudoir Photography

Name: Molly

Age: 25

What made you decide to book a boudoir session?

I had just had twins and I was going through kind of a dark place in my life and was really looking for something to make me feel better about myself.

Did you have any fears about booking your boudoir session?

Absolutely!!!! I was terrified because I had no experience and I am extremely self-conscious about my body.

How was the actual session different from what you expected?

It was NOTHING like what I was expecting. I loved everything about it, Meranda made the whole experience so comfortable. By the end of my first session I was already nude!!!

What was your favorite part about the entire experience?

I would have to say my favorite part of the entire experience was how extremely therapeutic it was, it made me feel so relaxed and comfortable in my own skin.

How did you feel when you saw your photos?

I can't even begin to explain how I felt when I saw my photos, if I remember correctly I started crying because they were so beautiful.

Any words of advice for women who are thinking about booking a boudoir session?

Just go for it!! Honestly you have nothing to lose! The only thing it does is make you feel so beautiful and comfortable with who you are and with the body you were given.

Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of the session?

My whole life changed after my first session. I was addicted to the feeling I got when I saw my photos for the first time. I finally got to see myself as the world sees me and it changed my whole outlook on my life and future. I am now and official sweet and inked model and I owe all of it to Meranda.

Would you do it again?

I would do it again in a HEARTBEAT!

Anything else you'd like to share?

Ladies, please, if your feeling trapped, down on yourself, alone, or overwhelmed with just life take the time and do this for yourself. You have no idea what it will do for you and the way you see yourself. Don't hesitate just go for it.

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