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The Dollhouse Recipe

The Dollhouse Recipe is our bread and butter! It's the perfect set to feed all of your editing needs. Start with Poreless, add in a little spot touch ups with FS, and then finish her off with the sauce maybe a little warmth and noise and you have the most Epic photo. 

Not interested in the toppings? Poreless is our secret weapon when it comes to skin and makes our action set worth it just for that! 

We do use Portraiture as a base, it's not a necessity because with poreless we got you, but we love the buttery smoothness Portraiture creates. 

Poreless . Feq seperation . The Sauce . Warmth

Poreless . Feq seperation . The Sauce . Warmth

Poreless . The Sauce . Warmth

Poreless . FS. The Sauce . Warmth

All dolled up includes 6 amazing actions that you need to add to your editing arsenal!


  • PoreLess

  • Frequency Separation

  • The Sauce

  • B/W

  • Grainy

  • Warmth


Basic Photoshop Knowledge is recommended 


Compatible with CS3+ and CC

NOT compatible with PSE

Poreless . FS . B/W

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